Since the June 1st opener of the Snohomish River System life has been good…, to great for the local fisherman.  The Sky River has been showing consistent results for Summer-run Steelhead and king Salmon.  These fish come in almost everyday on the bell curves due to the snow melt and rain.  This means chrome-bright, sea liced, scrappy fish that fight like crazy every day!!  My boat has been doing very well side drifting eggs and shrimp.  The water is running quite high and heavy, which is typical for June fishing on the Snohomish system.  With that stated…, the jet sled has been the top choice vs. my drift boat.  If you want in on the action get a hold of me before your, too late.  The King salmon retention closes on July 31st. I do have a few prime dates still available.  Again…, this fishery is only 30 minutes from Seattle!! 

After the 31st of July, comes the August 16th opener for The Pink Salmon run on the Snohomish river system (odd years only).  This system should see more than 500,000 of these Pink Salmon!!!!  If your interested in catching limits of salmon GUARANTEED…, get a hold of me sooner than later…, as I only have a few select dates still open.  This fishery is great for the family, friends, kids and less experienced fishermen and women…, along with those of us die hard fishermen whom simply want to catch salmon, after salmon, after salmon :-)  

The walleye action continues on a strong note over on The Potholes and Moses lake.  Trolling worm harnesses and crank baits are the top producers.  Crab Creek, Lind Coulee, and the mouth of the Frenchmen’s have all been super productive on the reservoir.  Fish early and late if you are targeting trophy fish.  The Large and Smallmouth bass are in full swing.  This year has given up some of the biggest bass we have seen in years on the Potholes.  The bass we target will average right around 3lbs…, with the bruiser’s pushing near 10lbs!!  My favorite fishery on The Potholes is chasing these Lunker Largemouth bass…, hands down.  If anyone wants to see a little slice of summertime, WA State, heaven get a hold of me for a Sand Dunes Large-mouth Bass adventure.  Top water fishing at dawn and dusk…, soft plastics and spinnerbaits in between and your in for some serious BIG bass action from now through September.   

Here are a few pics from our guided adventures since I last reported:

See you on the water…, Tight lines and screaming reels to you and yours,

Bonner Daniels


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