“Todd was a great guide. He was very prepared, knowledgeable, excellent with the boys and we can’t imagine a better experience. If there are better guides out there, I don’t want to know about them as we’d come back and see Todd any day and twice on Sunday. Thanks Todd for a great fishing experience….oh yah..dinner was awesome!!” -Mike A

“It rained and then rained even more but it also rained fish on. 4 in the boat and several more hooked up and a lot of bumps. A great time with a great guide. The action was great. Bonner is definately a guide who knows his stuff. Book and have a great time.” -Paul R

“So looking forward to our trip in 25 days… yes, I am counting!” -Dawnab

Todd, Thank you so much for the awesome time on the water. This was the greatest fishing experience I have ever had. I would recommend your services to anyone!!!!! You had a great personality and did not bore us to death but entertained us with your personality and knowledge. -Ray M



  1. Joe Czajkowski

    Went fishing with Todd & and; Bonner yesterday at Sammamish Lake. This was absolutely the best experience fishing EVER!!! These guys are the best – excellent fishmerman and awesome personality. I sincerely had a blast with these guys- but in fact they helped me catch the biggest fish in my life #30 King. A memorable experience for me and grateful to share the time with these excellent guides that helped make it all possible. I highly recommend these 2 guys to everyone that is interested in catching fish and having fun. PS – Loved the “Fetha Styx” poles.

  2. Stephen M.

    Todd is one of the best fishermen I’ve seen in my life. also his a great guy his actually helping me with my senior project for high school its a big project that i need to do to graduate. His tryin to teach me how to fish and with him it’s a lot of fun.-Stephen M.

  3. Bill Good

    Hey Todd, thanks for a great day of fishing on the Cowlitz (Apr 9, 2011). I was thoroughly impressed your guide work, I learned a lot, and my boys were talking about this experience all the way home. They really got a kick out of the whole affair. I know it stimulated them to want to do more fishing. Perhaps we will see you again sometime in the near future. Good luck, stay safe, and thanks again.

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