Its almost August and the fishing is GREAT all over WA State.  The Ocean is kicking out fish.., The Columbia river from the Mouth all the way to Rufus Woods is giving up chromer fish…, and the Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs are all hitting for Bass, Walleye, Trout, Steelhead and even panfish…, basically it’s ON like Kong!! 

I have been targeting Sockeye and Chinook Salmon, Bass and Walleye the past week and will continue to do so through Mid August.  The Brewster Pool and Well’s Dam fisheries are in prime form right now! Expect to fill your cooler with bright, red  sockeye meat.  The Limit on this Columbia River fishery is 6 Adult Salmon per person.  We are trolling on down-riggers, enjoying cold beverages, catching fish, in exceptionally nice Eastern, WA weather :-)   Bring your sunscreen and I will put you on the fish.  Also…, if anyone wants to get their top-water Big Bass fix…, now is the time.  We have been doing VERY well on these massive bass.  The BIG Walleye are on the feed, as well over on Moses Lake and The Potholes Reservoir.  If you would like to get in on the action get a hold of me before August 17th.

I then shift gears back over to the Snohomish River system for Pink’s and Coho and Lake Sammamish for King Salmon through late September .  These are “Local” fisheries only 30 minutes, or less from downtown Seattle.  FISH-ON GUARANTEED for any of the Snohomish River, or Lake Sammamish fisheries…, and  If you like we can even fish The Lake and River.., both on the same day (they are only 45 minutes apart)!  Remember the Pink Salmon run is only every other year and I have only a few prime dates left open…, that is if you and your friends and family would like to come and enjoy the most productive fishery Puget Sound has to offer…, hands down!!!! 

Oh and thanks again to every single one of you whom came out to experience the fantastic fishing we had on the  Skykomish River from the opener through this last week.  What a great season it was for King Salmon and Steelhead!  Hope to see you all out there again next year come June 1st!

Here a just a few of the pics from this last month’s Guided Adventure’s:






If your looking to CATCH fish call me…, and I look forward to seeing you on the water!

Bonner Daniels



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