egg_loop_demoThe Bait Loop

  • Cut line into lengths 6 inches longer than your intended leader length.
  • Put end #1 into eye of hook from top
  • Hold end #1 against shaft and wrap 6-8 turns down shank with line from just above eye
  • pinch last wrap with finger tips to keep coils tight
  • grab end #2 and put though eye of hook from shank side until approximately one inch sticks out of eye
  • With fingers that are holding line coils around shank slide them to also pinch the line from end #2 against shank
  • grab line that  wrapped coils around shank  and  wrap four more coils along shank over the top of line end #2 that is pinched against shank
  • Keep coils tight and pull line end #2 until slack line is taken out of hook
  • For double hooks slide another hook on line where you want it spaced above the first hook and repeat steps 1-8

improved_clinch_knotImproved Clinch Knot

  • Pass the end of the line through the  swivel.
  • Pull about 5 inches of line through and double it back against itself.
  • Twist 6 times.
  • Pass end of line through small loop formed just above the eye.
  • Then through the big loop you’ve just created.
  • Pull tag end and main line so that coiled tightens against the eye.
  • Trim excess
  • make sure coils lay smoothly

For a even tougher knot double the line first then tie the improved clinch knot.  The extra line cushions the knot even better