With the recent cold snap it sure feels like steelhead season is here, and guess what it is here. We have got our first steelhead of the season in the boat and on the b.b.q. and more have followed, now it is time to get serious about good numbers of fish in our rivers. At press time the cowlitz is going very good with a smolt plant for this year of over 800,000 it is sure to be on fire any day now and stay good for the next 6 weeks or so as well as the snohomish system.. lets get out for some December steelies… P.S. if your thinking for the hard to get someone something for x-mas  we have gift certificates available.. just give me a call I will take care of the rest.

THE Latest and Greatest Fishing Report



I have been over on the eastside hammering away on the Summer Run Steelhead and sneaky back home to see the Family and guide the Local Coho.  The fishing is going strong over on the Eastside for Steelhead if anyone is interested in catching multiple fish a day, if you want to go I would recommend fishing a date between now and Thanks Giving.  We have been sidedrifting bait to catch these feisty fish and now that the water temp. is cooling plugs, along with divers and bait also work well.

The local Coho have  migrated up into the tributaries and are definetly on the tail of the run.   There are some new fish coming in, but the chrome fish are fewer and further apart.  Try fishing eggs under a float in the smaller tributaries and you will catch Coho and you just might catch your first winter run Steelhead of the season, as well!


Speaking of Winter Run Steelhead, my winter Western, WA guide season starts up Thanks Giving weekend fishing on the Cowlitz, Skykomish, and Snoqualmie rivers for the month of December.  If your looking to catch hatchery steelhead for the BBQ, or Smoker December is prime time!  Call me ASAP to get your date of choice for December before it’s, too late.  Last year we hooked into limits on almost every trip in December. 

Here are some glory shots from the past 2 weeks.  Again, this Eastside  fishery is still good fishing and you can have the catch of a lifetime on any given day over there.  It is a 4 hour drive from Issaquah, WA to  Lewiston/Clarkston and another half an hour to the boat launch.  Let me know what you want to catch and I will do the rest!  See you on the water :-)


Bonner Daniels


Ps. If you bothered to scroll down this far and you book a winter steelhead trip before December 1st, 2010 I will take off 10% of the price of a full day trip.  The season runs from December 2010-April 2011.



From the snohomish river system to the cowlitz river to the snake river, if you want to follow Bonner and I you better call ahead of time first. we have been putting some time in on the road also but it is paying off . we have been playing the weather game here on the west side of the mountains however the snake river just keeps putting out fish after fish and come next year we will have something pretty special set up there for you starting the last week of sept thru mid nov 2011 not to early to inquire.. meantime we are targeting late silvers as well as catch and release chum for the next month or so till the Winter run steelhead show up in numbers. Now thru jan can be some of the best fishing on the westside, so give me a call and we will get you on fish….. 

The Latest and Greatest Fishing Report

Sorry for the delayed fishing report update…, but you all should know by now that means fishing is good when I’m not around my computer :-)   I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves about the fish catching of late. 

If you want to catch TONS of Steelhead…, NOW through the first week in November is primetime!!  Also,  if you want to fish right in your backyard, the Coho Salmon are in the rivers right now,  Half day trips available for these fish, as well. Call me and lets get you on the water and more importantly ON the Fish! 


Bonner Daniels




Well with the weather we have had as of  late, one thing is for certain is changing fishing conditions.. It has been a challenge to try to figure out the day to day habits of these fish, but more time than not we have had limits of these big kings. Thank you to all that have gone out on the lake with me this year and many of you have caught your biggest salmon of your life….and I am very proud to be a part of that. Just think we will get to try to top that again next year!!!! our boat has hooked well over 200 kings in the last 3 weeks and it just seems to continue rolling on, so it is not to late to get a crack at these hard fighting fish, as well as some early arriving coho. The salmon season is just getting going in all parts of Washington… so don’t wait and book a trip soon you wont be disappointed…



Football season has begun (YaHoo!), school is starting up again, the weather is just fine and the Fish are biting!  Bass and Walleye action remains strong over East.  The topwater fishing for Bass has been great of late, with really nice, quality, 2-6lb, Largemouth Bass.  Please respect these wonderful fish and release  ALL Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass over 14″, remember our WDFW does not stock Bass,   “A picture speaks a thousand words”

The walleye are just a bit more fickle.  Here one day and gone the next, you really need to be versatile to keep on these toothy critters and not be afraid to fish different locations on a daily basis.  That’s where my job comes into play.  If you want to go slay some spiny rays before the season ends, lets go get after it! In my opinion…, The best fishing of the year is right now for these fish.

Looking ahead to September 1st, for The opening of Salmon season on some of our local Westside river fisheries…, which is a week away at press time!  Coho/Silver Salmon retention on the Snohomish system will be good to go right after our next big rain.  If you want to go fishing with me and hook into limits of coho salmon, the prime dates are from around the first week in September through October, with mother nature permitting…, of course.  The local King Salmon gig is also open and in Full swing on Lake Sammamish, as well.  Call me and lets get you and your crew on the fishing schedule.

Here is an example of what to expect on the Snohomish System for Coho this year  :-)

Again…, quit wish’in and let’s go fish’in!


Bonner Daniels

   ps.     I’ve been out exploring some new fisheries and next year it will be on for The Sockeye Salmon…., more to come on these Fisheries when the season comes back around in 2011.   Take a sneak peak of what to expect below and  I will say this …., ” bring your Bigger Cooler!”

August in WA State rules…, if your an outdoor enthuseist that is.  Pick your poison between Fresh and/or Salt water, rivers to lakes, sounds to seas, all are productive and opportunities abound.  I have been fishing the Lakes and Rivers of late with great success on both. 

I have been catching all species varying from: King Salmon, Steelhead, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, and Panfish…,  Sockeye are also available 

If you want to catch fish now is as good a time, as any.  Just let me know what your looking to do and we WILL get it done.  Eastern WA means shorts and tee shirts and on the Westside Scene you just never know what your gonna get :-)



Also…, don’t look to far ahead on your calendar, but September is right around the corner and that means it’s time for The Snohomish Coho invasion and The Lake Sammamish King fishery.  Both fisheries are fabulous fishing and the bonus is that they are both LOCAL, as in 30 mimutes, or less from Seattle!!


Well there you go a few pics to get your blood flow going!  Call me and lets get you out on the water.


Bonner Daniels


summer’s here!!

The most difficult part of this time of year is choosing where to go. with so much available to us now sometimes it is the night before we decide where to point  the truck in the morning. The snohomish system still has a few fish in it as well as the cowlitz. What has got my attention is the first time Baker Lake Sockeye fisherie!! it will be hard to find a more beautiful place anywhere. we have been getting limits out there in less than 2 hours everyday so far. and now booking trips up there. call and ask about special rates for the morning trips. you might want to act fast as I have no idea as to how long this fisherie will last.(never been open before) meanwhile we will also be down on the cowlitz chasing summerrun steelhead where ya just never know when you will have a trip of a lifetime inyour own backyard.


(206) 437-8766

 The Summer Time Sun has finally come to WA State and with her heat came the King Salmon retention closure on Sky River.  With that stated I am now shifting gears back to focusing on the Sky River SummerRun Steelhead.   If your looking for a peaceful float down the river, with the opportunity to catch a summer run chromer, look no further than your own backyard.   The fish have moved up the system and its time to break out the drift boat.

Otherwise, lets get a crew to fill up the jet sled and head down to the Cowlitz River to do battle with Summer Run Steelhead.  Those fish have definitly shown up and are in the system, as well.  Side drifting and pulling plugs are the keys to success down on the Cow.

Lets Go Catch Some Summer Run Chrome

Fetha Styx and North Fork Composities have come together to create what I would consider the #1 new rod on the market today for action and sensitivety.  Coming soon to a dealer near you!  Contact Billy or Gina at Fetha Styx for more information. 

Ps   The walleye bite is on over east if your looking for a change of pace. 

Just let me know when you want to go :-)   














Bonner Daniels


Summer…, well I think it’s summer, but I’m still not sure.  Actually the weather from a fisherman’s point of view has been excellent.  For me and the boat  the catching has been good, to great and then…, down right SLOW!  I’ve been focusing my time on the Snohomish system of late focusing on the Summer King’s, side drifting bait.  The water has finally started to drop into shape.  Get out there and get after’em before the July 31st retention closure! 

Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of fishing with Jean, Cyndi, and Cathy of Puget Sound Anglers along with Glenn and Taj while filming a Hawg Quest episode.  Great company and good times to say the least :-) You will have to watch FSN channel 30 to see  the results of our trip.  I will say we had a blast! 

Kimberly D with a limit

 Remember its supposedly summertime…, we have been catching fish on all methods from jet sled, to drift boat, to banking it.  Try spinners, spoons, floats, plugs, and side drifting smaller baits for summer chrome in the form of Steelhead and King Salmon. 

 The Summer Run action is just beginning, give me a call if you want in on some of the ACTION!!

See you on the water.


Bonner Daniels