Summer Fishing here!!!!!

Well its been a while since Ive posted a report on my own website. But Im going to be doing some more now with some different tips n tricks that will only be on Here!!!! …We have been on the skykomish river since June 1st followed by the Cowlits river chasing kings and Steelhead While we had some Stellar days the future looks very bright as the Wallace Hatchery has Doubled the King smolt plant, Something to rembere for next June……The Cowlitz River the last 2 weeks has been very good (Finally) and shoud hold up right thru the lk.sammamish king opener and the Snohomish Pink opener..I have very limited openings for those so I am doing a Number of Discounted evening trips this year to try and get everyone a spot who wants to go “catching”..Well see ya on the water


Well we are in the middle of another good year of winter run steelhead fishing with the river levels going up and down like a yoyo  we have had to adapt quite a bit to what is working day to day. The cowlitz has been putting out a few fish as of late as well as the snohomish system.. and we will continue to fish those as well as other systems are just starting to kick off about now… so there is still 4 months left of some of the best steelhead fishing you will have all year.. give me a call we will put u on some Big steelhead today!!!


With the recent cold snap it sure feels like steelhead season is here, and guess what it is here. We have got our first steelhead of the season in the boat and on the b.b.q. and more have followed, now it is time to get serious about good numbers of fish in our rivers. At press time the cowlitz is going very good with a smolt plant for this year of over 800,000 it is sure to be on fire any day now and stay good for the next 6 weeks or so as well as the snohomish system.. lets get out for some December steelies… P.S. if your thinking for the hard to get someone something for x-mas  we have gift certificates available.. just give me a call I will take care of the rest.



From the snohomish river system to the cowlitz river to the snake river, if you want to follow Bonner and I you better call ahead of time first. we have been putting some time in on the road also but it is paying off . we have been playing the weather game here on the west side of the mountains however the snake river just keeps putting out fish after fish and come next year we will have something pretty special set up there for you starting the last week of sept thru mid nov 2011 not to early to inquire.. meantime we are targeting late silvers as well as catch and release chum for the next month or so till the Winter run steelhead show up in numbers. Now thru jan can be some of the best fishing on the westside, so give me a call and we will get you on fish….. 


Well with the weather we have had as of  late, one thing is for certain is changing fishing conditions.. It has been a challenge to try to figure out the day to day habits of these fish, but more time than not we have had limits of these big kings. Thank you to all that have gone out on the lake with me this year and many of you have caught your biggest salmon of your life….and I am very proud to be a part of that. Just think we will get to try to top that again next year!!!! our boat has hooked well over 200 kings in the last 3 weeks and it just seems to continue rolling on, so it is not to late to get a crack at these hard fighting fish, as well as some early arriving coho. The salmon season is just getting going in all parts of Washington… so don’t wait and book a trip soon you wont be disappointed…



summer’s here!!

The most difficult part of this time of year is choosing where to go. with so much available to us now sometimes it is the night before we decide where to point  the truck in the morning. The snohomish system still has a few fish in it as well as the cowlitz. What has got my attention is the first time Baker Lake Sockeye fisherie!! it will be hard to find a more beautiful place anywhere. we have been getting limits out there in less than 2 hours everyday so far. and now booking trips up there. call and ask about special rates for the morning trips. you might want to act fast as I have no idea as to how long this fisherie will last.(never been open before) meanwhile we will also be down on the cowlitz chasing summerrun steelhead where ya just never know when you will have a trip of a lifetime inyour own backyard.


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were back!!

After Traveling to the far Reaches of salmon travel in Kodiak Island, Alaska  to the famed Keani river and the Mighty Columbia river filming an upcoming episode of Hawg Quest Trying to get that Elusive 100lb king salmon we realized that the best fishing is really right here on the snohomish river system. As hard as that is to believe we struggled to get fish in some of the the best salmon waters in the World when Bonner is sending me pix of Steelhead and King limits almost everyday right here. We will be right here on the snohomish system for the next Month or so with the fishing only going to get better and better. If you want to go after some truely special fishing give me a call and don”t miss out  


Well With the springer run starting to taper off it has been a pretty good year with lots of fish to be had throughout the Columbia river system. we have approx another week left for me then it is time to stay at home (waters) with the snohomish system opening up on June 1st. We are quite excited about  new opportunity for the sky summer Kings, much more section of the river is open this year and add 15000 kings with  summerrun steelies there to, it is definitely something to try out. give me a call and get out on the river for some summer fun.

P.S. sorry to the weekend crews who had the dead battery issues. no photos oops!! 

Steelies/springers continue

With The warmer weather here for now, so is some pretty good fishing. We have been both on the Columbia and the cowlitz lateley.  Fishing for winterrun steelhead in almost 70 degree weather just seems kind of weird, it is supposed to be like 35 degrees and raining! but we will take it any time mother nature is willing to give it to us. I will be giving the cowlitz one more week of steelhead fishing to finish up what is truly an amazing run so far, if you want one more crack at these steelies let me know there is some room left. Starting the beginning of may we will be down on the wind river or Drano lake to go get after what is going to be a record run in both tribs. I am looking more foreward to this year down there than any in a long long time . I still have dates available let me know.



late winter runs continues!!

Once Again thank you to all who fished with me lately down on the Cowlitz. The winterrun steelhead fishing has been as good as I have seen in Years!! and the run just continues to be strong with more and more fish showing everyday with some springers sarting to show up in number now. Sidedrifting has the been the rule as of late working large sections of river from mission bar all the way up to Barrier dam (approx 17 miles of river) there is no one section out producing another we are just moving all day to find the fish. Lot’s of work but  it is paying big, both with #’s and just the steelhead are just Huge on average with Many over the last week in the mid and upper teens. It is not to late to get in on some of the Best steelheading in years with some springers in as well. Give me a call still have some time left