The Summer Time Sun has finally come to WA State and with her heat came the King Salmon retention closure on Sky River.  With that stated I am now shifting gears back to focusing on the Sky River SummerRun Steelhead.   If your looking for a peaceful float down the river, with the opportunity to catch a summer run chromer, look no further than your own backyard.   The fish have moved up the system and its time to break out the drift boat.

Otherwise, lets get a crew to fill up the jet sled and head down to the Cowlitz River to do battle with Summer Run Steelhead.  Those fish have definitly shown up and are in the system, as well.  Side drifting and pulling plugs are the keys to success down on the Cow.

Lets Go Catch Some Summer Run Chrome

Fetha Styx and North Fork Composities have come together to create what I would consider the #1 new rod on the market today for action and sensitivety.  Coming soon to a dealer near you!  Contact Billy or Gina at Fetha Styx for more information. 

Ps   The walleye bite is on over east if your looking for a change of pace. 

Just let me know when you want to go :-)   














Bonner Daniels


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