THE Latest and Greatest Fishing Report



I have been over on the eastside hammering away on the Summer Run Steelhead and sneaky back home to see the Family and guide the Local Coho.  The fishing is going strong over on the Eastside for Steelhead if anyone is interested in catching multiple fish a day, if you want to go I would recommend fishing a date between now and Thanks Giving.  We have been sidedrifting bait to catch these feisty fish and now that the water temp. is cooling plugs, along with divers and bait also work well.

The local Coho have  migrated up into the tributaries and are definetly on the tail of the run.   There are some new fish coming in, but the chrome fish are fewer and further apart.  Try fishing eggs under a float in the smaller tributaries and you will catch Coho and you just might catch your first winter run Steelhead of the season, as well!


Speaking of Winter Run Steelhead, my winter Western, WA guide season starts up Thanks Giving weekend fishing on the Cowlitz, Skykomish, and Snoqualmie rivers for the month of December.  If your looking to catch hatchery steelhead for the BBQ, or Smoker December is prime time!  Call me ASAP to get your date of choice for December before it’s, too late.  Last year we hooked into limits on almost every trip in December. 

Here are some glory shots from the past 2 weeks.  Again, this Eastside  fishery is still good fishing and you can have the catch of a lifetime on any given day over there.  It is a 4 hour drive from Issaquah, WA to  Lewiston/Clarkston and another half an hour to the boat launch.  Let me know what you want to catch and I will do the rest!  See you on the water :-)


Bonner Daniels


Ps. If you bothered to scroll down this far and you book a winter steelhead trip before December 1st, 2010 I will take off 10% of the price of a full day trip.  The season runs from December 2010-April 2011.

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