Since I last reported I have been on the Cowlitz doing damage to the Cowlitz river Steelhead population.   I have been giving a fresh weekly report on Salmon Steelheader University’s website. Check it out…, there is a direct link on to the report from this website through our Links section.  I will be doing my weekly report there from now on and updating here monthly. 

Back to the Cowlitz…, I am unable to put up most of my weekly pics on The S.S.U’s report…, so take a look below and check out what you missed out on.  All these pics were from March through Mid-April 2011 on my boat.  Fishing has been GOOD to say the least.  Multiple hook ups per day, with a bunch of big fish to boot.  We even weighed a 20lb hatchery fish and we released an unclipped steelhead that was pushing the 25lb mark!  Every single fish was caught on ultra-light action, Fetha Styx fishing rods, side drifting bait…, basically as fair a chase as you can get in the freshwater fishing world, for premier, Cowlitz River, Steelhead.  If you want to get in on the action I have one week left open.  Otherwise get a date for next year’s run…, before again your too late :-(

I am now onto Walleye and Bass over east on the Potholes Reservoir and Moses lake from the last week in April through May.  Expect to hook into and catch multiple fish per day on these trips.  The Walleye are as good as it gets for table fare.  We catch and release bass once we have limited on Walleye.  I have a place over there and the boat launch is right across the street.  Expect to fish for the whole day…, there is no 8hour time limit over here, we fish until your done :-)  

FYI  I am also starting to book up the World Famous Snake River Summer Steelhead and King Salmon fishing trips at Heller’s Bar, WA.  My first date will be October 1st through the First week in November, 2011.  These trips have a FishON Guarantee and in all reality you can look forward to double digit Steelhead and King Salmon days!  White sand beaches, wild life galour, sunshine fishing, and a truly end of the road fishery awaits you.  Camp out on the public river or stay in a hotel in Lewiston/Clarkston either way…, this is  hands down, my favorite Steelhead,King Salmon, Sturgeon fishery. These dates will fill…, if you want to know more and/or have any questions about this absolutely wonderful fishing experience contact me. 

Remember fishing is FUN!!  See you all on the water and until next time tight lines and screaming reels to you and yours!!!!!


Bonner Daniels


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