The Latest and Greatest Fishing Report

The Gods have awaken…, unleashing a massive amount of the H2O into our WA State river systems.  For all intensive purposes our Winter Run Steelhead season will be put on hold for a few days, at least on ALL the main stem rivers anyways.  But…., not every river system is shut down due to high water ie Tokul Creek, The Salmon River, Cook Creek, Rieter Ponds, Barrier Dam, Stevens Creek, Cascade River to name a few spots that excel in high water situations :-)

Before this rain storm the fishing has been great and the catching has been above par to say the least.  We  have already limited the boat on multiple outings this Winter Run Steelhead season.  I have been fishing on the Cowlitz, Snohomish and Chehalis river systems, so far this season.  Side drifting good bait has been my key to success lately.  Just keep on moving and searching for a pod of Steelhead and then stick on them and pound that section of river.

Lets get you out on the water before you miss out on your 2010 chance at chrome, bright, ocean run Winter Steelhead…, quit wishing and lets go fishing!!!!  See you on the water.

Here are a few pics from the past two weeks guided adventures:


Bonner Daniels


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